Terms of Service

The API Directory provides easy, reliable access to enterprise data and processes by using OAuth credentials that will be supplied once you register your application.  As an individual faculty, staff, or student, you are eligible and encouraged to interact with the available public APIs using your UMICH account.  

As you build enterprise integrations that include sensitive data or require  more API requests than the base rate limit, a shared account is required.  As the owner of this account, you agree to adhere to the Security of Enterprise Application Integration Standard.  

The API Directory may limit the number of transactions you send or receive. ITS makes every effort to communicate changes in upper limits of transactions to individual users before they are made, but they may occur at any time.  Shared account users will be notified prior to any rate limit change to ensure there is no loss of service.

The ITS Service Center provides support for the API directory during normal hours of operation, unless specified differently in an individual service level agreement.